Will I procrastinate or will I make a decision?

May 28, 2019

This picture is not me, I would not have to even start to think about this decision, I would be sitting in my hotel, reading my book and drinking coffee not wondering about swimming where there might be sharks! 

I was doing my Marvellous Morning Journal this morning (yes, I do it every day because it is life changing!) when I came to the question "what are three major thing I need to do today?".  One of the major things  I need to do is make a couple of decisions that I have been putting off.  I immediately tapped on "decisions", my thinking cleared, I knew the answers and, to my delight, I realised I had a topic for this blog!

We all make decisions every day, some are big, some are small, some are life changing and some turn out to be completely irrelevant.  The most important decision we make moment to moment is what to focus our thoughts on and whether to keep control of them or allow them to wander wherever they choose, positive or negative. 

When we allow ourselves to procrastinate we drain our energy.  A decision closes (or opens) the energy flow between yourself and the choice.  When we are procrastinating we have the energy flow half open permanently and a portion of our energy is flowing in that direction.  You get this when something feels like it is floating around in the back of your mind and keeps cropping up randomly in your conversations.  It can feel exhausting.  Once the decision is made, you either forget it entirely or focus on it when it is appropriate.  A "will I, won't I?" mentality can be very waring.  It also splits your focus between whatever you are supposed to be doing and the decision you are putting off.

So what is the best way to make a decision?  There are so many options out there!  Some of us dislike decisions as we feel that we are automatically closing all the other possibilities and this doesn't feel good.  We can write lists of pros and cons, we can chat endlessly to our loved ones (or random strangers!), we can use one of the myriad of decision making tools that are on the internet or we can sleep on it!

I like to trust myself.  I feel that deep down (and it may be very deep!) I know the answer that is right for me.  Modern energy tapping is an amazing way to clear our thinking so we can make the decision that feels right to us.  Take a few deep breaths with your hands on your heart.  Feel your feet flat on the ground.  If your thoughts are feeling scattered, imagine roots going down from your feet into Mother Earth and feel the stabilising energy moving up through your body.

Now do some tapping! 

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You can tap on whatever you want to call your decision or you can add a positive emotion to your energy field so help you make your choice.  This may not help you make the decision but it will clear your thinking and maybe even just choosing how to make your decision will become easier.

One other major energy drain in relation to this is when we are waiting on someone else to make a decision.  This can be even more exhausting, particularly if we know what we think they should decide!  When you proxy tap (tap while thinking about someone else) we can actually help.  In my experience, this actively helps the other person but, in fact, it may just be that my thinking about them becomes clearer and kinder.

To proxy tap, sit quietly, with your hands on your heart as usual, and visualise the other person, in your mind's eye.  What positive comes to mind for them?  It may be something simple like clarity.  Say their name and the positive as you do a round of tapping.  Have your feelings about them shifted?  Keep going till you feel better about their decision making!  At the very least, you will have lost your annoyance with them and at best you will have helped to clear their thinking so that they can come to a decision.

So what do you need to decide about your life today?  If nothing comes to mind, make a decision to be happy!  Happiness comes from the inside and your happiness matters. 


Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash


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