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When you implement the techniques you can enjoy a whole new energised experience of life including:

 Eliminate the brain fog that plagues you, think more clearly and make better choices for your day and your life

 Plenty of energy to keep up with your family and to tick things off your endless to do list

Finally fall asleep when your head hits the pillow instead of tossing and turning for hours 

Setting intentions for your day and tapping gives you an increased ability to make the most of your day

 My top simple technique I use every day to recharge my energy batteries anytime I need a boost

Inside your FREE Marvellous Mornings Mini Course

You'll find an instructional video, pdf journal and downloadable audio so you can start your marvellous day even on the go.


First you will get my quick introductory video on how to maximise the benefits from this program.


Quickly learn the foundational elements of Modern Energy Tapping so you can quickly get started on improving your life.

Morning Journal

Use this unique daily morning journal to increase your energy and set your intentions for your day.  

Morning Audio

When you not only write thing but also hear them, they become more powerful.  Use this audio on the go to reinforce the techniques you are learning.

I'm so excited for you to learn and implement

this marvellous morning routine.

I use this practice this every day and it has resulted in way less stress and way more peace and contentment. 

My negative thinking has been reduced to almost nothing. 

 Learn my top tapping technique and begin to experience the benefits almost immediately.   Add positive intentions to your day to make plans that you will actually want to follow.

Hi! I’m Lucy McCormack

and I use modern energy tapping (similar to EFT) and other heart based stress relief techniques to help mindful people like you to powerfully create their own lives from the inside out.

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