What do your words mean to you and others?

May 14, 2019

This is a relatively short blog as I am busy finalising my new three week course "Your Tapping Transformation".  It is nearly done (eventually) and going to be brilliant (if I say so myself!).  You can sign up here if you want an extra discount to enrol when it is launched, no commitment needed at the moment just some information and a discount code in the next week or so.

When you are writing or speaking to others, it is good to think about the words you are using.  This is particularly important these days when so many of us communicate short messages by text or WhatsApp.  It is great to stay in touch but when you write a quick text it is so easy to be misunderstood.  You may mean to be lighthearted and the recipient my take offence.  It is also interesting to watch your own reaction to replies and their relative speed.  Do you suddenly feel like someone may not be interested in you just because they do not respond immediately?  Before I had this awareness, I remember sending a fun text to one of my friends.  It took her a few days to reply, by which time, I had decided she was offended and would never talk to me again.  It turned out she was just busy!  How much energy had I wasted on nothing at all?

Different words can mean different things to different people.  I can say I want to be alone, which to me means stopping for a while, resting or meditating and enjoying the silence.  For someone else, this could trigger a panic.  Alone could mean lonely to them.  They may not want to be able to hear their thoughts and feel a huge loss of connection to others when they are by themselves.  

This idea can apply to almost any word you can think of.  I may say "water"  and be thinking of a long cool drink of iced water and you may hear "drowning", to use an extreme example.

Freedom from how we feel about different words can make a huge difference to our lives.  Everybody's triggers are different, some can be less emotional and some can just drive us mad.

As part of my "Your Tapping Transformation" course we will have a lesson on ill-defined words.  This will give you an opportunity to work through some of the things people say to you that move you out of your innate wellbeing.

"Calm down" was definitely one of mine.  There was nothing that annoyed me more than one of my friends who constantly told everyone to calm down.  Exceedingly annoying if you think you are calm to start with!  Luckily she does not say it anymore but I have also let go of my connections to it.   Now "calm" is one of my favourite words to tap and I breathe deeply as I say it and feel the energy of calm flow through my body as i tap.  

Procrastination is a big one too.  Think of something you have been putting off...if you have been doing your Marvellous Mornings journalling, hopefully you have been answering this question regularly and then getting on with things.  If you need an extra boost, use a word for the thing that you are doing and tap a couple of rounds and see what happens.  I had some filing, I had been putting off for a while (well in honesty about 18 months!).  It was nearly done but I could not get myself to do the last pile of paper.  I finally tapped in "filing" this morning for a few minutes and then just got up and did it...no stress!    Sometimes, I am not sure why it works so easily but it really does.  

Alternatively, you can just tap on "procrastination" and see what comes to mind as you tap.  It is an interesting experiment.  I will look forward to guiding you through this if you join the course as it includes three zoom sessions with me.

Have fun with your tapping...it brings Freedom to your life. 

Photo by Kristina V on Unsplash


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