Letting go of emotions you pick up from others

Apr 29, 2019

Rub your hands together briskly.  Feel the tingles it produces.  You are feeling the energy field of your body.  When this energy is concentrated in our hands we have huge healing power.  That is why we immediately put our hands to a part of our body that hurts or if you get a shock of some sort you immediately put your hands to your heart.

Our hearts are the largest source of electricity produced in our bodies.  We all know this as we can go for an electrocardiogram to read it's electrical impulses.   What you may not have thought about is that the heart also produces an electromagnetic field.  This has been scientifically detected up to about three feet from our bodies.

This field carries information about our emotions and attitudes.  When you come close to another person and step into their field, your nervous system can detect their emotions.  This is how we pick up on the subtle feelings of others near us and they pick up on ours.  

This is a great reason to do the positive tapping that I teach in my Marvellous Mornings FREE mini course.  Not only do you make yourself feel better but you also have a positive effect on the other people you meet as those positive energies are radiating out from your body in your aura.

There are many techniques to clear and protect your energy field.  My favourite is one that I learned from Feng Shui and Meditation Master Marie Diamond.  It is the Tubes of Light.  I made a recording you can follow along to which can be downloaded here.

The tubes of light meditation has two distinct parts.  In the first part we are pulling in the highest form of life force energy, crystalline white light and using it to clear our physical and subtle bodies.  We focus on clearing our emotional body of unwanted emotions and then our mental body of all the overthinking we may have been doing.

In the next part of the tubes of light we put up an energetic firewall around ourselves so we are less susceptible to the unwanted energies of others.  We use royal blue for power, rose pink for love.  Then we use the violet flame of St Germain, to clear any other unwanted energies from our energy bodies.  Finally we put a gold dome over our entire energy field to attract universal abundance.

This is a really powerful tool.  When you start to use it, it takes a few minutes to put it all in place.  Once you get into the swing of it, it can be done in a minute.  I like to imagine the life force energy clearing my energy body when I am in the shower.  It is a lovely easy way to multitask!

One more fantastic way to use this technique is to clear your home energetically.   I do this in two ways, depending on how much time I have.  First I stand in the centre of our home.  I imagine the white light coming down and clearing all the stuck energies.   Then I put the firewall of royal blue and rose up as I described above.  Then I bring in the violet flame from underneath the ground and slowly take it through each room.  I focus particularly on any room where we may have had some strong emotions or overthinking.  I spin this through every room in our home and out the roof.  It feels great to clear the energetic debris of any conversations we may have had with ourselves in our heads or with others.  Lastly I pop the golden dome over the top.  Remember the energy field of your house stretches up to about 10 feet outside the walls.

If I am in a hurry, I imagine a small version of our home in my mind. I whizz through the clearing on this small version and then let it go. It only takes a minute!

Download my audio here, to give this a try and enjoy feeling lighter, clearer and more positive.


Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash


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