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Jun 11, 2019

Your energy level affects everything in your life.  We have all experienced this.  If your energy level is high, life feels easy and seems great and we respond well to challenges.

If, on the other hand, your energy level is low, life can be a drag.  Anything that happens is more like to affect you negatively.  Do you feel like you have enough energy to get through your day?  What do you feel your default energy mode is?  Are you dragging or are you full of beans?

If you are "full of beans" is this real energy or is this stress energy?  Real energy for life come when we are being true to ourselves and it is limitless.  Stress energy gets us through but leaves us more depleted when it is gone.  

We, I imagine, all start the day or the week and have some thoughts about what we want to do with our time.  But, how often do we ask "who do we want to be?"  As the saying goes, we are "human beings" not "human doings".  It is more important to be who you want to be, or preferably who you truly are, rather than just getting stuff done.  When we are in the right state of energy and mind, the stuff gets done anyway.

We had a particularly challenging weekend, hardly any of the things on my lists got done but I was happy.  I was me!  The attributes of "Lucy" that I value most were present.  I know this because I plan them every day.  I was kind, I was loving and I was present.  So although in some ways I could have said I had a pretty awful weekend, life is great.  I spent time with the person I love most in the whole world and came away with so much knowledge of all the things we are grateful for.  I had the energy for whatever happened.  It could have been so different.

So, on a scale of -10 to +10 where -10 is almost dead and +10 is living life to the full, being yourself and enjoying every moment with high energy for living, where are you?  Believe it or not, if you actually do my FREE Marvellous Mornings Mini course and watch the video, tap along and try the journal, that +10 is easier to achieve than you would think.  You can actually choose to be who you want to be and then turn up to any situation in your life as that person.  

Can you imagine your +10 self?  Would you like to connect with them now?  Stop and think for a minute, what would I be like if my energy was unlimited, if I were connected to divine source energy and could be whoever I want to be?  What would I be doing?  How do I see myself?  What would I be feeling?  How much energy would I have?

+10 is not peace, it is the loving action of you.  We often have it buried deep under energy shields to keep it safe and out of harm's way but let's make a little crack in those shields so you get a sense of who you truly are. 

When I think of myself at +10, I am dancing in a field (yes, the Sound of Music has a lot to answer for!).  I see myself full of energy, arms up, skipping in circles, looking at a blue sky with a few clouds and feeling the sunshine on my face.  Where would you be?  What would you be doing if you were expressing your true, beautiful self?  How would you feel if you were "on top of the world", full of life and ready for action?

If you are finding this difficult, start with some gratitude.  Think of something or someone you love and connect to that feeling, let it flow through your body.  Connect to your heart and let the loving feeling focus there.  Put a smile on your face.  Now let's send some love to your physical body.  We rarely give it enough gratitude for all it does for us.  Put your hands on your heart, imagine that love is flowing into your hands until a connection is made from your heart to your hands.  Is there a place in your body that needs some love or gratitude?  Do  you love your tummy?  Does your knee hurt?  Have you any aches and pains?  Is there stress anywhere?  Bring  your hands to that spot and let the love flow into it.  Move your hands gently around sending love to your whole body.  How does that feel now?  Feel the gratitude for your body, the place where your soul lives.  Gratitude is a wonderful emotion to bring us closer to +10.

The whole universe is filled with love, it never runs out, we can give it away freely and it will come back to us a hundred fold, but we do have to feel it.  You can connect to your +10 self anytime regardless of what is happening around you.  You +10 self is always inside you and ready for love.

It is worth remembering, none of this is natural to us unless we do it regularly.  It is great to do it once here but if you connect to your +10 self every day, she or he, become much more accessible to us in times of trouble.  Put aside some time, it need only be a couple of minutes each day, and sit and dream of your +10 self.  You can think about your clothes (I am dressed in my unicorn onesie as I skip on my hilltop!), how are you breathing, how do you hold your body?  Stand up and do that now.  Does it help to connect you to them?  Play and have fun, life is to be enjoyed!

And remember to Live Life Lightly!


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