Can you make ironing fun?

May 21, 2019

We hear all sorts of coaches and teachers telling us to follow our gut or connect to our inner guidance, but how on earth do you do that?  When I am busy and running around feeling frazzled the last thing on my mind is taking a minute and  listening to my inner guidance.  I am far too busy ticking things off my to do list.  It feels like I am making great headway but am I really?

So how do you tell if you are doing the right things in life?  Well most importantly, are they making you happy?  Obviously if you are ironing or washing dishes, your first thought is that of course you are not happy, these things are a nuisance but they have to be done.

So have you tried tapping on them?  I know, it sounds crazy but it actually works.  

So dig out your Marvellous Mornings video on how to tap and give it a go.  If you have a couple of minutes, write down how ironing (or some other mundane task you have today) makes you feel.  It makes me frustrated that it is endless, if only we did not need clothes and particularly sheets!  So now we tap together...

hands on your heart - three deep breaths - ironing!

Tap the top of your head - ironing...third eye - ironing...side of your eye - ironing...under your eye - ironing...under your nose - ironing...chin - ironing...collar bone - ironing.

Now onto the side of your finger nails one at a time - ironing ... and finally the karate chop point - ironing and back to your heart.  Take three more deep breaths.

So how did that feel?  See how you feel about it now.  I feel much lighter in my thinking, I am actually realising how lucky we are to have clothes to wear and cosy beds to sleep in.  I love to keep all our stuff looking and feeling good and I am actively choosing to iron them.  I could let us all be crumpled, the world would not end!

So back to where I started with the inner guidance, if you notice you are feeling stressed (even a little bit), stop for a minute, that is all that it takes.  Take some deep breaths and reassess what you are doing.   Just slowing down your breathing starts to reset your energy and helps clear your connection to your inner guidance.

 If you can take a couple of minutes, tap on whatever is making you stressed or even better add a positive to the task.  This is as simple as thinking about your ironing and tapping "fun" or "gratitude".

Once you have cleared the stress thinking about the task you have to do, you will be able to decide what to do next and what is important in this moment.   You might even decide it is most important to stop and do something you love for a while.   Your whole day can change for the better, if you check in with yourself.  Your inner guidance is there, it may just be buried under your feelings of needing to get things done.  We have all the answers we need about our lives already within us, just do some modern energy tapping to access them!

If you want more details on the tapping points and how to use them, sign up for my FREE Marvellous Mornings Mini course.   It also includes a journal pdf with the exact questions you need to start your day feeling amazing.  You just ask the questions and tap on the answers.  It takes less than 10 minutes when you get into the flow of it.  I use it every day and it has changed my life.  It probably took me about 10 years to get the questions right so take a short cut and try out the's FREE!

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash


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