There are angels in your corner...

Jun 04, 2019

I spent the weekend learning about Angels from Radleigh Valentine.  He is amazing.  He is what I aspire to be, he is kind, authentic and present.  I tap these words frequently during the day to remind myself to be me!

If you were to pick three words to describe how you would like to be, what comes to mind?  

Are you abundant, allowing, beautiful (remember it comes from the inside!), brilliant, confident, courageous, devoted, encouraging, flexible, free, gentle, honest, inspired, joyful, loyal, modest, outgoing, purposeful, responsible, spontaneous, tolerant, unselfish or warm?  How do these words make you feel?  They are all high vibration, positive words but some make me feel great and some not so much!  "Spontaneous" is not me and I don't think I want it in my life either.

I have a short bonus module in my "Your Tapping Transformation"  program on "ill defined words" and how to deal with them.  This can be fascinating as you look at the language you use and think about what it means to you.  This is important as if you are talking to someone who has a negative connotation to a word you feel is positive, or vice versa, communication will be difficult.  I am so attached to my plans that spontaneity feels decadent.  Even as I write this paragraph, I found myself writing a sentence about planning your spontaneity, which would rather defeat the purpose of it!

So how do you feel about angels?  Are the positive or negative?  Do they incite feelings of love or disinterest?  Angels are fascinating to me as they are mentioned in almost every religion.  Your guardian angel has been with you throughout all your lifetimes, unlike your spirit guides who only signed up for this one!  If we let them, they can be a source of comfort and healing.  We just need a little faith!

Now there is another word with lots of do you feel about faith?  How, or does, it feature in your life?  Let's see where you stand on the idea of faith, write out what faith means to you in your life.   Three or four points is perfect.  Now energy tap the word...if you don't know how, get my FREE Marvellous Mornings Mini Course and watch the video.  It's really easy and the worst that can happen is that you are more relaxed...sounds good, right?  So give it a go!  Now that you have tapped "faith" write down how it feels to you now?  So, what has changed?  Does life look a little easier?  When I did this, I went from feelings like "I don't believe" and "it's too difficult" to realising that life is going to be so much easier if I have faith. both in myself and in life in general.

I love pulling angel tarot cards for friends and family, and just anyone really!  If you would like a card pulled for you, I am a Certified Angel Card reader, by the way, feel free to drop me an email at [email protected], with your question and I will email you a free one card reading.

Now don't forget to check out the FREE Marvellous Mornings Mini Course, it's tons of fun and makes your days go so much easier!

If you want to get into energy tapping and really move forward with your life, have a look at my "Your Tapping Transformation"  program.  I am offering a discount for enrollments before Friday 7th June.  Use the discount code YTT50 and you get this amazing three week program for less than $200.  You will learn how to feel spectacular! 

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