Are my thoughts in my body?


Wayne Dyer said “We are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings emersed in a human experience.”

We start as souls wanting to experience being human.  The being human is the important bit, we are here to express who we really are but in a human body and embracing all that means.  Living out lives and letting our bodies show the consequences of our choices of physical, emotional and mental as well as our spiritual choices.

We do need to take into account all the dimensions that we are connected to. For simplicity's sake, let's start at the fifth dimension, our souls.  This is where all the information about who you are on a soul level is and what you connect to when you are looking at your memories or imagining your future.

Next level, closer to your body is your thoughts.  These are the fourth dimension and slightly denser than the fifth.  Your emotions are next between the fourth and the third, which is your body, the densest part (since you can see it!).  It is vibrating at the lowest level which is why it takes the longest to change.

We can change our thoughts in an instant, our emotions pretty quickly if we really decide to but changing our bodies takes much longer.

These levels all intersect in your body.  They all combine in the middle but each spreads out a bit further than the next.  So they all affect your body.  The blocks we create in our lives that are held in your fifth dimension are affecting your body.  This is one of the reasons an Akashic Record reading is so important as it can clear many of these for you.

But how do you know this is true?  Maybe we are just a body and the rest is fiction.  Well, we can feel our emotions in our body.  If you concentrate on happiness, you can feel it in your body and it may even make you smile!

Our thoughts affect our bodies too, just think about standing on the edge of a cliff with a strong wind behind you and see how your body tenses.  Watch the video to see how easy it is for our thoughts to affect our bodies.  Try it with me for proof!  It is a fun, simple but fascinating exercise.

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Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash