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Tell me a story...

This is one of the most powerful things we can say to someone else...tell me a story or ask them for something good that has happened to them recently.

Remembering a positive event in your life and telling someone about it is so energy raising.  Try it and see how it feels.  Does it change how you feel in the moment?  When you are telling the story, see if you can recreate the emotions you felt then.

This is the essence of Star Matrix, our star events, our star stories and the myriad of things we can learn from them.  I studied this intensively for 12 weeks and had so much fun I did the course again!  

I try to think of a positive story at least once a day.  This morning the one that popped into my mind was when our son was one.  We had brought him to a photographer to get birthday photos.  The photographer was making him smile by making funny face.  When Matthew smiled, he would go to take the photo.  Matthew immediately leaned over to see where he had gone.  The photographer was frustrated (bit in a nice way!) and we were delighted.  All the photos have Matthew leaning over slightly, looking a bit puzzled, obviously wondering where the nice man had gone!  It was such a happy memory, full of love and smiles!


Come and join me for the First Star Matrix Summit interview and when you are all enthusiastic about what can happen with this book a session with me to experience it yourself.   We will follow the exact protocol that you can take away and use anytime.  This is the backbone of my new 12 week coaching program, Star Centered Coaching.  

There is so much we can do with this.  It is honestly life changing, it makes us look at our life and the people in it differently and with much less judgement. It opens the doors to a life of ease and flow. 

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