Would you like more energy for life?

What is your energy level like at the moment?  On a scale of -10 tp +10.  Where do you think you are?  The first number that pops into your mind is probably the right one.  Does it surprise you?  If it is lower than you would like do something simple to raise your energy...

  • Bounce up and down for a minute, either in your chair or standing up.  This gets the energy flowing in your body.
  • Find a funny video on the internet to watch that makes you laugh. This is one of my favourites - Michael McIntyre talking about herbs and spices.  Don't get sucked into wasting your whole day watching him, remember to come back and finish reading this!
  • Put your hands on your heart and breathe deeply for a minute.  This brings your body, mind and spirit to the same time and space and gathers your energy back to you.

Now that you are feeling better, what sort of energy were you rating.  We often forget that we have more than one energy.  We have energy in your body, but we also have emotional, mental and spiritual energy.  Because our energy fields all connect in our body, we can be mentally exhausted and think it is physically tiredness. 

One of the best ways that I know for helping this is Star Matrix.  Star Matrix connects your to your soul's energy and unlocks all your inner resources.  During our life we have moments of high energy, when something really good happens.  These are our star events.  These are moments in time when all our energy is aligned.  Our physical energy is high, our emotions are positive, our thinking is good for us and most important we are aligned with who we are on a soul level, what ever we are doing is congruent to our divine soul blueprint.

These star events are floating in our energy field and it only takes moments to access them.  Even thinking about them works to some extent.

Stop for a moment and think of a time in your past where you were really happy or content.  Let yourself feel the emotion of that moment.   It feels good, doesn't it?

If you would like to learn to access these events, book a spot on my calendar and I will go though it with you.  You will leave our session with the exact technique to do the simple energy booster that you can use in any moment. 

If you would like to learn more about the ideas of Star Matrix, you can sign up to watch the first Star Matrix Summit on the 7th and 8th of November.  I loved my interview and can't wait to hear the rest.