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Am I asking the right questions ā“ā“ā“

Mar 17, 2020

Read this first (or at least skim it!) then follow along with the video to raise your emotions to a level where you are thinking more clearly.

Wash your hands first!

I love questions, they are how we create our lives.  We are endlessly asking ourselves questions in our heads in order to decide what things mean to us.  When we ask the right ones, our lives get better but unfortunately the opposite is also true.  I have lists and list of questions to ask myself that I have complied from all the courses I have done in the last twenty years or so.

I was going through them this morning to see if anything is relevant to these uncertain times we are living in.  This sprang out at me immediately.  

āœ“ acknowledge what is going on and ask what do I need to do to recover from this disruption?

Much as I would love to deny what is happening around the world at the moment in the name of positivity, it is not the time to be putting our heads in the sand!  The best start for dealing with this (apart from making sure that the news we are following is real!) is to acknowledge it.  

Yes, things are uncertain.

Yes, I am not sure how my son will get home in the future.

Yes, I may not see my mother again.

Once we have acknowledged the fears, it is easier to deal with them.  We can distinguish between reality and imagination.  Then, move on!  Ask what do I need to do to recover from the disruption going on around me?  

"Recover!", I hear you say, "we are way to far away from that!"  Well, if not recovery at least some sense of peace of mind.  One of the best things you can do is use modern energy tapping.  It raises your energy level and helps you to think clearer.

Ask yourself - what positive emotion will help me right now?  You can even tap on "acknowledge this situation"  and see what comes into your mind.  Then tap on a positive.

Watch the video above to tap along with me or if you want my free course with lots of ways to make you feel better immediately Click here!

 It is worth the six minutes of your time...you will feel better.  If you just want a laugh instead - check out my blog from last year on laughter.  You can laugh with me or at me, I don't mind but it will make you laugh šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


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