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The biggest energy drain...

May 12, 2020


What are you doing that you feel obliged to do and what can you do about it?

They say that "how you do one thing is how you do everything".  I find that hard to relate to as I see that it depends more on my energy level throughout the day than anything else.  

For sure, if my energy level is low, everything I do will come from that feeling and I will not do it well but once I recognise what is going on and do something to raise my energy, life will be better.  


There is one energy that affects everything we do when we get sucked into it and that is obligation.  When we do anything out of obligation, we are always choosing to go against our divine soul blueprint.

Let me tell you some of my story...

I have been looking after my mother since my father died nearly ten years ago (I am an only child so it was all down to me).  About four years ago she moved into care but still seemed to take lots of my physical time and also my emotional and mental time and energy.  We had lots of ups and downs as she went through various health challenges and I got to the stage where I felt like my life was on hold as she had permeated all the levels of my life.  I was exhausted.  I knew how to raise my energy with tapping and other energy techniques but it was not enough.  I could not seem to move on with the rest of my life.  I was seriously stuck!

It was only when I started learning Soul Realignment and really thought about the energy of what I was doing that everything turned around.  I was clearing my thoughts and emotions but I was still not in alignment.  I needed to put that into the physical level and look at what was happening on a soul level.  I needed to be acting in a way that was congruent with my divine soul blueprint on all the levels of my being....physically, emotionally, mentally and on a soul level.

Once I spotted this, really connected with who I am on a soul level and did lots of tapping and journaling in relation to the obligation energy, everything changed.  When I was visiting my mother, I was doing it because that is who I am and that is what I wanted to be doing.  I made sure I was always in the best frame of mind when I went to her nursing home and wrapped myself in high energy and light so that it might touch some of the people I met along the way and hopefully brighten their day too.

So how can this help you?

Look at your life, is there any particular things you are doing because you feel obliged to?  I realise that with everyone living in some sort of lockdown at the moment, there is a lot more of this about but even look at something small in your life.  What are you doing, that you do not want to do, but you feel you have to?  Can you stop doing it or can you change your thoughts and emotions around it and then bring that energy into your physical world?

Last week, I was talking about the energy of appreciation and it suddenly struck me that this is a simple way to help with feelings of obligation...appreciate yourself for all that you are doing.  Breathe in and out of your heart and appreciate yourself and your life for a moment or two.  What an amazing person you are!

If you want some help with this, feel free to book a Free Clarity call with me and we can chat about it.

 Photo by theverticalstory on Unsplash


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