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Is your inner judge talking too loudly?

Jun 23, 2020

How is your inner critic doing these days? And your outer critic for that matter? There are three things we all judge endlessly, whether we want to or not.


Other people 


It is, in fact, pretty hard to get through life without doing this. The toughest I have found at the moment, is judging the critics! There are so many extra rules in the world at the moment and they all vary from country to country and probably state to state if you are in the US.

In Ireland, we do not have to wear face masks, unless we are in a really crowded situation or with someone who is vulnerable. So, I have not worn one yet, I also have not been out much except to get some groceries so I have had no need.   

What really amazed me was the amount of people on Facebook who were really angry with other people. So, I found myself judging the judgers! Realising this was an interesting moment for me....goodness I am not perfect after all!  Well, I am (just as we all are), but on a soul level, my personality still has lots of flaws but I am enjoying spotting them.

This is one of the benefits of working with a coach, firstly you can be honest about your feelings with no repercussions and secondly they get you to tune into your inner wisdom so that you find the answers yourself. I have been working to stop judging myself for a couple of months now with my coach. I am finally beginning to believe that I do not need to be perfect every time and that a small step forward is also a win. 

So, a couple of quick techniques to stop the judge in your head....
First, try to see yourself as a small child. Find a picture, if you like, and then think about what you would say to them. Would you empathise with them more, if they had made the same mistake you are criticising yourself for?
Second, raise your energy level, hey, give yourself a clap or a cheer. Actually do this, not just in your head...clap your hands and say "yay, me, I am the best, look at what I am doing to help my life, life is better with high energy, yippee!" or something equivalent. If you really get into this and do it, even for about 20 seconds, you will feel your energy shift and you will have a much better outlook on whatever you are thinking about.
Third, think about what good might come from this situation you are judging. It may be as simple as to realise that you caught yourself criticising yourself and stopped it in time. I love to learn so I am always (well, nearly always!) open to learning from a situation...it is moving on that still catches me sometimes.

Remember, no matter what you are doing, there are answers inside of you so long as you raise your energy above the energy level that created the problem. It is like the energy is there, like money in your bank account, that someone deposited for you and forgot to mention so you think you are poor. We are all filled with more energy, creativity and love than we could ever imagine.

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash


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