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Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!

Oscar Wilde

Are you being pulled in so many different directions?

When we are being of service we forget to look after ourselves.  We feel lost and can end up not knowing who we are or what to do.  

I found that my mind was constantly telling me that I was not good enough, that in order to be loved I needed to do things for other people and that I just was not able.

My mind was really mean!

And i was living with it all the time...

Hi, I'm Lucy McCormack

Founder of Live Life Lightly

Now, I love being myself.  I had forgotten who I was and how to put myself first but then I realised that how I experience the world comes from inside of me and I can choose how I react.  

This was really empowering.


I started adult life as an accountant and then transitioned to being a full time mother and the house elf of our family.  I am an only child so any responsibility for my parents and an elderly family friend fell directly on me.
I spent many years putting others first and running myself into the ground with the help of scheduling and lists which I love!
I was full of beliefs of not being enough and not being worthy.  I really understand the emotional ups and downs of anxiety and depression. Then I went on a self healing, spiritual journey.

I studied and learned so many things since then. By managing my energy, my thoughts and emotions, now I move through the tough times much more easily than I did in the past.  I can show you how to do that too!

Life looks and feels so different when. your energy is high!

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