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  • what 100% responsibility means for your life
  • how the "karma" feedback mechanism works
  • how life situations can arise from choices you made in a past life
  • how knowing more about yourself is not scary, it is empowering
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All The Things you wanted to know about the Akashic Records...

Hi. I'm Lucy McCormack, the Founder of Live Life Lightly and a Soul Realignment Practitioner.
Since 2002, I have been learning about energy and coaching. I found out about the Akashic Records four years ago and after training with Soul Realignment and working with clients in the Akashic Records I've learned a lot! 
Today I'm going to share with you some of what I've discovered—info that will show you how the akashic records will help you, how past life choices are affecting you now and teach you about soul realignment readings.

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Lucy’s reading was nothing short of enlightening. She helped me understand the true nature of my being and gave me tools to live my life with a deeper purpose.  As I implemented her suggestions, I noticed I was sleeping more soundly and handling stress much better. What a gift!

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When I discovered about my past life everything made sense.  As a result I made some small changes to my life and how everything is going in the right direction!

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My session with Lucy was amazing.  She gave me so much insight into the way I was living my life and all the things that were holding me back.  I loved hearing about how wonderful I am and the past life stories were fascinating, particularly when I looked at what I was carrying forward to my life today.